Orchestrating individualized journeys

We couple multimodal journey planning with the optimization of an on-demand fleet – to enable individualized public mobility for everyone.

Our vision

Individualized public transit for everyone

We are working towards public mobility that is – more than ever before – geared towards the individual mobility needs of passengers. Our software leverages the flexibility of on-demand mobility as a supplement to fixed-route mass transit.

Providing a ride-pooling algorithm with integrated transit transfers, we enable seamless travel chains that combine fixed-route and on-demand mobility.

Fixed-route services

We perform journey planning for fixed-route services like busses, subways and (suburban) trains.


We orchestrate pooled rides in on-demand vehicles and combine them with scheduled services in seamless intermodal travel chains.

Direct rides

We enable planning of direct rides in on-demand vehicles as a faster and more private alternative to ride-pooling.

Our product

Multimodal transit orchestration

Our algorithm

Our algorithm combines multimodal journey planning and the optimization of an on-demand fleet –  leveraging mathematical optimization and artificial intelligence.

Try out our simulations!

How will an on-demand service affect mobility in a municipality? How should it be designed to align with the existing fixed-route transit network? Our simulation tool provides the answers.

About us

We are a mission-driven team combining a strong scientific background with more than ten years of experience in the on-demand mobility industry.

Rieke Dibbern
Dr. Rieke Dibbern

Co-Founder & CEO

Jonas Klasen
Dr. Jonas Klasen

Co-Founder & CTO


Our partners & supporters

We are contributing to the future of public transit – supported by leading scientists, practitioners and networks.

Learn more about our solutions to integrate on-demand mobility with fixed-route transit!

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